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National Drug Scheduling Advisory Committee Meeting June 8-9, 2014

The next meeting of the National Drug Scheduling Advisory Committee (NDSAC) is scheduled for June 8-9, 2014.
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Pharmacy Technician Bridging Education Program-Course and PLAR exam schedules

Information for students:

Individuals wishing to pursue courses as part of the National Pharmacy Technician Bridging Education Program can now find information such as course dates, registration deadlines and educational institution contact information on the Course and PLAR Schedules page.

Please note, this section will be updated periodically as the information becomes available.

Welcome to the Winnipeg Technical College - a newly authorized educational institution for the delivery of the program

NEW: Spring 2014 schedules now available*.

* Registration deadlines for all institutions are available on the Course and PLAR Schedules page.

Registration for all courses is conducted directly with the educational institution offering the program.

NDSAC Meeting of March 9-10, 2014

A meeting of the National Drug Scheduling Advisory Committee (NDSAC) was held on March 9-10, 2014 to consider the following matters:

- Request for Schedule III status for minoxidil foam 5% for topical use

- Request for Unscheduled status for diclofenac and its salts, when sold as a single medicinal ingredient for topical use on the skin in a concentration equivalent to 2% or less diclofenac for not more than 7 days

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Voluntary recall: NaturaLyte Sodium Bicarbonate Liquid Concentrate

Health Canada has been informed that Fresenius Medical Care is voluntarily recalling specific lots of “NaturaLyte Sodium Bicarbonate Liquid Concentrate”, a product used as a form of dialysis, due to bacterial contamination (Lots: 13JMLB004, 13JMLB006, 13JMLB007 and 13JMLB008 in 6.4 L and 8 L volumes).

Health Canada Advisory

Health Professional and Public Communication

ZELBORAF (vemurafenib) - Association with Liver Problems - Hoffmann-La Roche Limited

Liver problems, including severe cases, have been reported with ZELBORAF. The product monograph will be updated.

Health Canada Health Professional Communication

Health Canada Public Communication

Notice to Hospitals

BUSULFEX (busulfan) 6 mg/mL Injection - Potential for Particulate Matter in 10 mL vials - Otsuka Canada Pharmaceutical Inc.

Carefully inspect BUSULFEX vials prior to use for the presence of particulate matter. Do not administer if particulate matter is observed. The diluted product is to be administered through an infusion set including a 0.2 – 1.2 µm in-line filter.

Health Canada Notice to Hospitals


Potentially dangerous weight-loss product seized from U-Box store in Burnaby, BC

Health Canada has seized the unauthorized drug, “L-Showm Weight Loss Pills”, being sold at the U-Box store, located at 2809-4500 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC. Health Canada testing found that it contained an undisclosed ingredient, phenolphthalein.

Health Canada Advisory 

Information Update

Fresenius Medical Care expands recall of Sodium Bicarbonate Liquid Concentrate

Fresenius Medical Care is expanding its voluntary recall to include additional lots of “NaturaLyte Sodium Bicarbonate Liquid Concentrate” in 6.4L and 8L volumes. The recall of this product is due to bacterial contamination.

Health Canada Information Update

Notice to Hospitals

Cefazolin for Injection USP 1g - Potential for Longer Reconstitution Time and Precipitation of the Reconstituted Solution - Hospira Healthcare Corporation

Precipitation and cloudiness of reconstituted solution have been observed in some vials. Healthcare professionals are advised to ensure complete reconstitution and carefully inspect the reconstituted solution for cloudiness and particulate matter prior to administration. Do not administer if precipitation, particulate matter or cloudy solution is observed.

Health Canada Notice to Hospitals

Health Professional and Public Communication

Neupogen (filgrastim) and Neulasta (pegfilgrastim) - Risk of Capillary Leak Syndrome - Amgen Canada Inc.

Cases of Capillary Leak Syndrome have been reported in patients undergoing chemotherapy who were receiving NEUPOGEN or NEULASTA, and in donors undergoing peripheral blood progenitor cell mobilization who were receiving NEUPOGEN. Amgen Canada has worked with Health Canada to update the safety information in the Product Monograph for NEUPOGEN AND NEULASTA.

Health Canada Health Professional Communication

Health Canada Public Communication



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